At the very heart of leadership for learning is a passionate, creative, obsessive and steadfast commitment to enhancing ‘deep’ learning for students – learning for understanding, learning for life, learning for a knowledge society.

This presentation is not for heroes, martyrs or compliant messengers; it is designed for ordinary people, mere mortals, who want to make the commitment, and expend the energy to become extraordinary, and help the people around them to become exceptional leaders of learning. Leaders of learning come in all shapes and sizes, genders, races, religions, backgrounds and contexts. They are not heroic or necessarily blessed with unique leadership abilities, although they have these capacities in abundance. Educational leadership is more art than science; it is more about character than technique; it is more about inspiration than charisma; it is more about leading students and teachers’ learning than the management of things.

Based on the widely acclaimed books Leadership for Mortals: Developing and Sustaining Leaders of Learning and Sustainable Leadership ( with Andy Hargreaves) this workshop develops a model of leadership that will develop and sustain individual leaders in schools.